Add a New Liquor
Dimaxa_Demon Доброго дня, любі друзі) Підтримаємо ж Україну і залайкаємо до безтями))
Ileach Cask Strength Delicious fire water. Floats on the nose. Addicting finish.
Bulleit Rye Delicious rye whiskey at a great price point!
Lagavoulin 16 yr Scotch A very tasty way to end a big meal.
Glenlivet Nadurra 16yr Cask Strength, non chilled-filtered, non colored. A satisfying, concentrated aroma. Subtle hints of raspberry, ginger, and vanilla, progressing towards a nutty flavor with a medium-long finish.
FireWater Tastes like water, burns like Fire
Lemonade ;) Lemon, Water and MINT leaves plus lot of ice
Pimm's No. 1 Cup Perfect for summer!
Pabst Great Beer
Saint Arnolds Summer Pills Delicious microbrew from Houston, Texas. Light bodied with crisp citrus notes and great hopps flavor.
Caipirinha 1 lime, quartered 2 tsp fine sugar 2 oz cachaca
Dryfly Gin Deliciously delicious tasty gin
Guiness All you need.
The Fun Stuff Really crazy drink you will want to try.
Laphroaig 18yr Scotch
八海山 sake
Water h20
Rum Ho Ho Nothing Really
Devil's beer strong charred tasting beer
Jim's Giblet Rose's lime juice, gin, club soda, ice
BallSackJuice Sperm
liqourice tasty chewy deliciousness
Jenever Dutch gin
SkalAid Absinthe, KoolAid, Dignity
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pro100andrik Like me if you nice ^_^
Алиска Всем вам счастья желаю, ребята!))
Dewars Signature Scotch Full bodied with rich, fruity and mellow notes of honey, vanilla, toffee and caramel overtones.
Bourbon whiskey
beer yummy
Dragon Water Tastes like piss. Prolly is.
Jungle Juice Bankers club vodka, sprite, lemonade mix, water
Syrian Panthera's Sweat The finest beverage from the heart of Africa
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Alex You are nice!!!
Blup Delicious Blup, like in Vienna!
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Liquid Ass My roommates perfume
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Ron Del Barrilito Delicious Rum!
Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Beer
It looks like blood but it isn't, or maybe is... A red mysterious liquor that makes you feel weird and after you can't stop drinking.
улала ням ням - морозиво з ромом
grape juice it's fermented and then we drink it
Iceberg 1/4 de Vodka, 1/4 de Bénédictine, 1/4 Cinzano, 1/4 d'Augustina. Passer au shaker, glace pilée.
dimitri's premium vodka super smooth vodka
Burning Peach
Bier Bier
Snake Juice its... snake juice
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Chiarti Fine wine
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fireball cinnamon whiskey
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Javascript Hmmm, would you like a nice cup of Javascript ? <script>alert('yes please!')</script>
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Neumarkter Lammsbräu Excellent beer with solely natural ingredients
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Krupnik Polish honey vodka
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I can add anything just like that? What about the bots?
茅台 贵州名酒
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Bacon gin and tonic Bacon rasher in traditional gin and tonic
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Jenever Dutch
Ball Sweat Sour and salty with a musky finish
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Dmitry Wow