Are you a San Francisco Hipster?

Take this short quiz to find out how much of an SF hipster you are.

1. Are you a hipster?
What is a hipster?
I don't do labels.
2. How do you get around?
3. When was your last PBR
I'm holding one right now!
I had one a few weeks ago.
Not since college
What the hell is a PBR?
4. Best place for a burrito?
La Taqueria.
Taco Bell.
5. How do you feel about mustaches?
I totally dig the ones on the cars!
I have a tattoo of one on my finger.
Why don’t you bask in the glory of my mustache and tell me how you feel about it?
6. Coffee time! Where are you headed?
Home to my Nespresso machine.
The Creamery in SOMA.
Starbucks... there are three in eyesight of wherever I am!
Four Barrel Coffee in the Mission.
7. Tell me about your favorite jean style.
Baggier the better.
Comfortable, tailored fit.
Skinny and form fitting.
It is unacceptable to have even one air molecule between my legs and my jeans.
8. Do you pretend to be poor?
I am poor!
I am not defined by my parents' bank account.
I keep my financial status to myself.
I have no problem flashing my cash.
9. Did you go to art school?
I went to school but I dropped out to focus more on my craft.
Who goes to art school?!
10. Best spot in town to catch some tunes?
Elbo Room.
Great American Music Hall.
DNA Lounge.
11. How would you describe your style?
Classically preppy.
I live in my designer hoodie.
Underweight lumberjack.
Lululemon addict.
12. Nice Mac! How do you carry it around?
Actually, I don't have a Mac.
Seat belt buckle, cross-shoulder Chrome bag.
Timbuk2 messenger bag.
13. How often do you wear flannel?
Flannel would be my uniform, if I believed in uniforms.
I have a few items I pull out occasionally.
I have some flannel pyjamas.
Not since the 90s!
14. The word 'deck' means:
An outdoor area, often made of wood, adjoining a house.
A presentation about your company often given to potential investors.
Cool, cutting edge or hip.
To knock someone out.